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Thread: Soil Question

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    Another option you have is to make your own mix and try. You can start with a mixture like this: 1/4 peat moss, 1/4 coconut, 1/4, pearlite and 1/4 compost of good quality. With that you should have until the stage of flowering, from there it may be possible that you need to add other nutrients and above all to maintain the microbiology of the soil.

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    Frosty Budz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patient puffer View Post
    What information have you found out about this and what effects does this technique have on the soil?
    Sounds like something a fellow who plays an internet doctor might post, lol!

    I grow in airpots, and they don't solve all the problems with a mix that's too dense.

    I've used Black Gold, too, and it is a pretty well draining mix. Is it straight BG?

    If the op is still around, what size pots, what stage are the plants, and what are the temps in the grow space.

    Did you pack the medium, do they sit in runoff?

    A seedling in a big pot isn't going to suck it dry.

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    HaHa, not likely bud. I don’t have to play Doctor, anymore...
    Because, it’s legal to practice medicinal plant medicine here in Canada now... hahaha

    Anyway, I have always prefered to treat my sick soil in the oven, @350* for 45mins.

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    Magical Butter II, 1000w MH, 400w MH,
    Method Seven Operator LED,
    MountainAir Big Air Volatile Organic
    Activated Carbon Filter 8”x40”!!

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