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    My first grow , need help with my grow plan +3000 grams target

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    hello there,
    I am living in middle east the weather is dry hot no need to mention where exactly I dont want to go jail before testing my own grow of grass, this is my first grow ever I never grow a flower or any other plant before but I have been reading , watching videos and pics about growing(types, strains,seeds banks, lights, plant training , techniques for high yeild , etc ) for the last 3-4 months now and I feel pretty ready to start that journey ,I am planning to growas many plants as I can ( in case I ruined some of them ) indoor in a an empty room of my apartment that is 4x5 sq.m in soil medium with hps lights I am planning to grow a yield between 4000 to 5000 grams at least because I am not going to grow anytime sooner than a year or more again and sure a bunch my friends will share the treasure with me, the room I am gonna grow in has a window with some sun light if that would help , I would like 2 easy growing types of fem.indica and fem.sativa something so energetic and social , maybe one strain auto my list up to now includes wonder woman and big buds by nirvana or pure power plant and maybe candy kush too ( open to other suggestions of strains and seeds banks too coz I need the perfect stealth shipping ever) I need something with fair odor , for sativa I thought about raspberry cough but found that is hard to grow, sour diesel so smelly and hard too .
    so please help and suggest fixing my grow plan to make out the best of my grow instead of taking much risk for nothing worse.
    summary gor those dont have time to read the story I wrote above:

    type of growing: indoor with window and some sun light
    space : 4x5 sq.m and roof 2.5 m hight there AC split if needed installed in the room
    growing medium: soil and 3.5 to 5gallons pots
    required yield: 4000-5000 grams
    plants count ( not decided)
    light: HPS ( probably 1- 1000w or maybe more ) plus the window light.
    seed bank : most probably nirvana ( for sure I can only request online one time from one bank cant have that risk several times to request from different banks)
    strains : indica (5 seeds wonder woman and 5 seeds big buds by nirvana)
    sativa( not decided yet) ? candy kush (hybrid)
    auto not decided and doesnt matter which one as long it can tolerate some of the mistakes am gonna do.
    so please please please help make my dream comes true and give me some suggestions and ideas according to what u read above recommend strains soil bank and ideas for the setup and lights.

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    I recommend growing 6 plants. If you can handle that then grow more

    You will have more problems than anyone can fix with your plan.

    Good luck

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    I would prefer to go guerilla with the many varieties of ganja and grow something else indoors to test things out. Maybe some HOPS in a SCROG to test out the room, your skills and your security. Oh and so you can make some lovely alcohol free beer.

    I am autistic and I have anxiety and depression, melanoma and peptic ulcer. LUCKY ME
    Ending prohibition is taking too long. People need to be allowed to make medicine from all the herbs so they can live.

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