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    I must've had it backwards. I knew ashes affected the soil one way. M-Gro was used as it became a garden. It wasnt really planned. I just started turning over the dort one day and wham. Plant after plant was slowly brought in. I really prefer adding organic amendments. Thats what my cannabis grows in. M-Gro was good for fruit production as it rocked. Yet as you mention what about by products and leaching in to the soil. Next year maybe different. I prefer heavily amended soil so i dont need to tend to it as much. Maybe a top dress after a bit.

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    No worries @Patient puffer

    Check that thread that I linked to

    Hugelkultur just may be the thing you are looking for if you want a soil you don't have to tend to. Built right, it requires very little water. Here is mine from last year. I tore it down earlier this spring and wished I hadn't. We had a unusually dry spring and summer here in the PNW.

    Hugle 2017 1.jpg

    Hugle 2017 2.jpg

    Hugle 2017 3.jpg

    Edit to add this pic of the broccoli earlier in the year
    Hugle 2017 4.jpg

    You can grow cannabis and veggies side by side with no special soil needed. (with a few exceptions.) Throw in some companion planting to bring in beneficial insects along with a compost pile for indigenous microorganisms, and life becomes much easier for you and your garden.

    Do you have a compost pile going? Vermicompost? Very essential in the larger scheme of things.
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