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    The reason municipalities are switching to chloramine is because, unlike chlorine, it doesn't dissipate... it's the chemical that keeps on giving, lol!

    I'm not sure exactly what effects it has on plants, but if it were really harmful, most people on city water would have fried yards!

    It may be fine for plants in the ground, or large pots, but if I was having trouble in small pots, and on city water, that's the first thing I would change.

    I'm not sure I'd use it for a hydro grow, especially since there are plenty of cheap filters to take it out.

    I don't really understand this: "If i was going to brew a compost tea and i wanted to ensure its bio-activity i would use treated water." Part of chlorine/chloramine's purpose is to cut down on bio-activity.

    I use well and rain water, so luckily, that's one less thing my plants have to worry about... but, I give them plenty of other things to have to deal with, lol!

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    @Frosty Budz
    I tried my best to word it right. Lol...what i meant was if i was to brew compost tea i need to use treated water. Treated as in receiving the "aquarium treatment" to make the water safe. There is a liquid i buy at PetSmart that makes tap water safe for fish. It breaks down chloramines in to benign chemicals allowing biology to grow unimpeded in the brew. i still dont know if i made that clear yet. Hmm...i hope so. The treated water i refer to using in compost teas is the water that has been treated by myself to break down the chloramines. Sorry for the confusion. I appreciate the questions as it is making me refine the info in here to make it clear. (As mud) lol

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