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    Sulfur & Chemicals

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    Hello all,
    Ok, I know you might not know this or think so - but growing African Violets is very, very similar to growing marijuana!
    So, my question actually pertains to African violets, but will expect information from your answers as pertaining to your crops.

    Well, I have been battling mites for some time... they were either broad mites or cyclamen. I have HORRIBLE eyesight, made as good as possible with eyeglasses, and even with a 40x magnifyer I cannot tell the difference bewteen the two. I don't know that it matters that much? I don't want to have either one
    I treated all my old stock plants with a quite warm water wash down to bare roots, a dip in Murphy's oil soapy water, then swished in Forbid, several days with roots resting in little water - then the next weekend swished in Avid and repotted with Bonide granules in their soil mix. Then I was bottom watering all of these plants with Azamax treated water for several weeks.

    I had also made a few online orders. Several plants came to me from big name greenhouses with pests. One had brownish red spider mites. One had thrips. One had another broad or cyclamen mite. Instead of using the Murphy's oil soap and Azamax, I treated this new batch in a different manner. Warm water wash in bare root, Forbid, then I think I did a sulfur swish. roots in water. One more sulfur swish the next week.
    **I really think that taking these plants down to the bare roots, and swishing every bit of it through the chemicals or sulfur etc did a WAY better job of treating than a spray could ever do. It would have eliminated almost any air bubbles, and got every surface of each plant and root possible, nothing hiding in soil, etc. While I was sulfur treating I also used a whisk to emulsify the wettable sulfur into the water between every swish, due to settling.

    Now, maybe only to Violets or Gesneriads in general, but any oils after or before sulfur is a huge no-no. It's phyto-toxic to the plant. SO that is why I didn't Murphy's the separate batch. Murphy's is a GREAT insecticidal soap but not if you're going to use sulfur in the next 3-4 weeks.
    NOW what I'm worried about is the possibility of using Azamax water on these sulfur treated ones.
    I did not.
    It's been several weeks since I Azamaxed any of the first batch, but I know they have systemic protection going on from that.

    I have been diligently checking my plants with the 40x lighted loupe. They are all on the same stand, but not intermingled. separated by shelves. I have seen no movement for weeks on anything.
    Two nights ago, on one of the old stock (non-sulfur) plants, I saw 2 of the tiniest, tiniest mites. They are definitely broad or cyclamen, but even smaller than the original ones. I would assume from the effects of Azamax. They were sitting on particles of the soil and moving VERY VERY slowly. I almost thought they were just particles of perlite. But the more I looked, I thought I could make out an antennae, so I watched and watched and saw very slow movement.
    These bastards!!!
    I have seen NO further sign of the spider mites on the one plant who showed those.

    This is like the worst fight, most discouraging pain in my ass. HOW.
    HOW can these assholes live through Murphy's, Forbid, Avid, Azamax, and/or sulfur.
    I have bleached the floor, the walls, the containers, repotted with freshly made mix, bought a new stand...

    My question is this.
    Can I use Azamax water on the sulfur treated plants? They were treated weeks ago but the sulfur powder was still on some. I tried to give them a washing the other day but I still see some powder here and there. So now is it as if they were freshly reactivated again and the Azamax (while not actually an OIL per se but being neem derived, somewhat an oil?) will that have negative effects?

    Should I maybe crown treat & drench with like Ortho Home Defense for all, and also Azamax water the old stock group... waiting a few weeks to do to new stock group because of sulfur?
    I know I'm being irritating with all this extra information. I apologize!
    TIA for any info you can give or advice you may help with!

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    Some plants just have tight cracks bugs can be in but liquids and such have hard times getting into. Clothes including shoes can bring the bugs into rooms. Figures winter has anything near a house migrating into a warmer area. Getting rid of the sulfur I'd figure soapy water preferably an organic insecticidal soap mix might work for getting the leaves flushed off and soap going through the soil should kill a good amount of bugs. I only use insecticidal soap and neem oil. Azamax can't be imported to here.

    I'd figure filling a spray bottle with insecticidal soap and tilting leaves up to blast and rub spots clear of and sulfur and bugs or eggs should work. Once the leaves are finished being washed down doing a coating of the soil then a little wait. Then try flushing the soil slow at first so the soap is still concentrated drifting deeper into the soil. Then after satisfied try flushing the soil out. With small plants even having a tub of soapy water can help making drenching the plants thoroughly easy.

    There is an insecticidal soap made by a brand called Safer that includes sulfur and fats mixes. I guess the oil is for keeping a coating on after drying.

    Good luck with your genocide with the bugs. Happens to the best of them
    You stick a bunch of females together and don't want any problems? Good luck. They are going to mess you up.

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    Wow, such a fight you've described~ I've never chanced to do a sweep or roots~ never saw the need~ seems risky```

    I've used a mild soapy-garlic mix sprayed~ even in the Greenhouse```

    I've used Green Soap~ on animal wounds~ I may have~ in the past used it in combo with Garlic on plants```

    Good luck with that~ my hat is off to you```


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