What do you think about a forum that discusses measuring cannabinoid content? We could even start our own database on this forum. The database would be very simple to build. Members could simply copy their laboratory gas chromatography printouts of tests and upload them. Thin layer chromatography tests could also be uploaded easily.

Cannabinoid content is incredibly important for many reasons. Sure we all know about THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid that is in cannabis. Until recently this was the only cannabinoid the vast majority of consumers cared about. Next CBD (cannabinol) became a big issue, see www.projectcbd.org. Now consumers both medical and recreational are learning about the entire cannabinoid profile that affects the overall effects of the cannabis. The subject can get a bit complex, but the basics are not that difficult to grasp and work with.

Now there are companies that provide simple test equipment in kit form that make it possible to measure the cannabinoid profile for up to 6 cannabinoids. Each test costs as little as $10 (USD). The tests are fairly accurate and provide an immense amount of information. Such tests are also easy to copy into a database, which at least one company, www.alpha-cat.org, has started. This profile and database gives gardeners the first true information about many different varieties.

Before these new thin layer chromatography (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thin_layer_chromatography) tests, we could rely only on the expensive $100+ tests from laboratories in a handful of medical states. Now we can do a very similar test at home for $10, 10% of the lab cost. This is big news and will propel cannabis information into the next realm of study quickly. The best part is that we can all do it ourselves.

In fact, I recently visited Michael from SickMeds (www.sickmeds.com) that has already profiled all of their seed offerings via this method. I find it tragically funny that SickMeds, a new seed company, would take the lead with this simple act. It makes me ask, "what the hell are the other companies doing?"

We as patients and health care providers and recreational users must go beyond the old world of "having the best dope in town" and come out of the shadows and let hard science determine the quality of a specific variety rather than rhetoric and subjective empirical observation. Here is our chance to function as a group world wide to achieve this goal!