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I go to cannabis fairs in Europe, about half a dozen a year. I met some Bulgarians a while back and was excited about the fotos the young guys showed me and the things they told me. We communicated via email. They promised me to post the fotos and participate in the forum. To date, they have not. I´m not sure how to get them to promote their gardens. Any ideas?
The friend you have publishing your encyclopedia might have other publishing friends or be able to himself figure out a way to start up publishing in that country. Probably since current nation publisher might be as senility oriented as American companies are with having a monopoly on publishing it might be best to coordinate something with them. If a paper would take a liking to having a section it might soften things up. At least other countries have a sense for not disrespecting local customs and a paper that props up government taking a lenient attitude towards cannabis could raise legalization prospects. Might have to have experts from local and other countries to work on editing and such. When corporate can opiate and pesticide right on through have chemist that are always protected in labs saying the stuff is safe.....well at least cannabis isn't a killer.