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    And Now For Something Completely Different

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    Yeppers I'm a Monty Python fan

    Been awhile since I have done a "just" grow journal. Hello Every One ! I am a old ass grower that does things a bit old school, a lot of K.I.S.S. and pretty much different from what most forums describe.

    My garden is perpetual, and located in my basement, it is a wide open space in a 500 sq ft room, there is no "intake" or "exhaust" I have never owned a carbon scrubber because my plants never stink unless there is something wrong.

    I live in Colorado, so enjoyin the freedom of growing legally, I am a hobby breeder, I mostly grow my own strains and cross them (I have made a lot of strains in the last 5 years) I just recently mixed my stuff with G13 Pineapple Express to breed in their genetics and my next project will be to breed in original Neville's Haze. My strains usually test from 20 to 25 % THC and 5 to 6 % CBD they are all Sat Dom Hybrids and several of them make the coveted early amber.

    I use nothing but T5's for veg & flower I have an 8 bulb 400 watt light for veg and and an 18 bulb 1000 watt set up for flower. The veg light uses 6500K bulbs, The flower lights use GE 4100K bulbs with 2 ATI True Actinic bulbs for UVB. My flower light is stationary, so I grow the plants to "fit" in the garden and try to maintain a minimum of 2 feet between the canopy and the lights. I have had a couple of plants that did not cooperate LOL

    I grow in peat, a mixture of sunshine mix #4 with Hydro tron (clay balls) the mix is 50/50 I reuse the peat and am now on grow #36 with it. With each use I add dolomite lime to it. I have never had any problems doing this.

    For nutes, I use Jack's Classic Citrus FeeD 20-10-20 all the way thru and the only thing I supplement is sulfur and DynaGro ProtK (for added silica)

    Please feel free to ask questions as I know the way I do things is way different. I hardly ever have problems but when I do I deal with it, am very good at reading the plants, been doing this a long time.

    To kick this grow off I will post pics of my current garden which is my Wonderland (left) and my Colorado Thunderfuck (right) that were just flipped 1 week ago, there is also a re-vegged Pineapple Express in the back makin seeds (on the homer bucket) it is almost done.

    Let's get this party started,,,,,,,,,
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    I'm diggin' my way... I'm diggin' my way to somethin'... I'm diggin' my way to somethin' better...
    I'm sowing the seeds... I'm sowing the seeds I've taken... I'm sowing the seeds I take for granted...

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