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    I recently started an experience with autos for the first time, it was more a thing of that's what I had laying around in the seed box than any real planned scenario

    I wasn't all that hopeful to begin with...

    And to see them flowering out I am not changed in my opinion

    Looks to be a waste of time, maybe lucky to get half an ounce to an ounce per plant once it's all said and done

    To be fair, these are some early generation auto freebies from Paradise seeds, so perhaps they have got better with the breeding in recent times, and later generations they have made might perform better; I dunno. I don't wanna poopoo the whole thing too heavily based off of these two autos alone

    When you consider the high plant count required to do well with these, the potential legal issues make it seem not worth it in my mind though eh

    And that's before any discussion of potency or other qualities even comes into it... Which of course I can't comment on yet, but I will when the time is right for sure

    good times

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    I just grew out 3 Pineapple Express autos from Barney's Farm.
    Ya not a lot of smoke but it turned out pretty good and got my wife and I pretty high.
    we got about 2oz off the three plants but for my first plants I'm happy with it.
    Just doing autos to fill inn my time with the photos.
    Plus I now will have more variety to have to smoke throughout the year.
    My wife and I look for CBD plants so the autos work for us.
    Check out my journal and you can see what I have.

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    What I've considered as the practical way to muck about with auto's is also grow regular strains and not the feminized and just throw the males at the auto and even other females since seeds are what you want for later then ditch the male and start another plant in its place. It's not like you cross an auto with something else all the thc disappears. I believe normally the auto gene sticks so maybe crossing with a regular plant could pass some more tallness genes or lengthen the flowering

    I'd figure crossing auto's with sativa's that have longer flowering periods and known for yield would be the proper way to increase yields. But don't take my word for it. Got anything better to do
    You stick a bunch of females together and don't want any problems? Good luck. They are going to mess you up.

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