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    Best Strains For Alzheimer's Disease

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    Hi guys,i would be extremely grateful if anyone could help me with choosing the best strain for treating Alzheimer's that my grandfather has.I really want to research as much as possible to find the best strain to grow for the first time something like one or two plants max but focus and determine on the growing and the plant itself and learn,i don't know what kinda Thc:Cbd ratio is best to help him be Energetic,happy,relaxed,focused and creative but still i don't want to give him the strain that has too much thc because i don't think its smart to play with too much head high considering it will be his first time,so if anyone has any recommendations or advice i would really,really be thankful !! Cheers guys

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    I think it's important to realize that THC has barely been studied for the effects it may or may not have on Alzheimer's. I think there has been 1 pre clinical study that showed it *May" slow proteins in the brain that are generally thought to bring the onset of the disease. That being said, it's not a cure, it only slows the early onset, according to the articles that I read. It's unclear if it helps slow the further progression and if it has any other positive effects on the disease. So I would warn that anybody who thinks they can tell you the best strain to help cure Alheimer's is certainly not speaking from any medical background or knowledge. The articles that I've read about the study that was done suggest that small doses of THC *May" slow the proteins. But because the proteins appear to be the initial cause of the progression of the disease , if he is already diagnosed, I would assume this is not a reasonable therapy.

    If you want to give it to him to relieve pain or other symptoms I could get my head around that. But dosing grandpa up with THC seems like it's not a great idea to me. At least until the studies are more flushed out. I know the medical community is super slow to do anything. Shame on them. But at the same time, marijuana is not a miracle cure for every disease on the planet and I think we need to be responsible in offering and administering it because for some people who have no experience I think it could be bad for them. If it were me, I wouldn't try it. But if I felt like i needed to , I would certainly try for a 20:1 CBD/THC ratio such as AC/DC and I would try it myself before I gave it to gramps to make sure there are no surprises. You never know what a grower might mix up.

    I hope your grandpa does well. I'm sorry to sound like a downer on the subject but I think a lot of care and sound thought needs to be used around trying to prescribe pot for anything and everything. It is a wonderful herb, it is not a cure all for everything under the sun. It does not appear to me that there is any sufficient evidence that THC or marijuana is a cure, or even helpful, for Alzheimer's that has already been onset.

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