Hi Guys!!! Heres my purple widow at day 22 from germination can you check it out if its normal/heatlhy. Is it supposed to be that stocky? Like 1 nod by inch 5 nods total so far.... Its 5" high and 10.5"×10" W. Growing in soil Ph is balanced at 6 6.5 under 300w LED marshydro in a 2x3 tent. In a 3Gal pot, Water schedule is water+calmag/dry/nutes/dry/water+calmag.
Nutes are the Gobox General Organics.
18/6 light cycle. Ventilated. No CO2 added but frequent fresh air change. Topped it 2 days ago. Regrowing new tops quickly. Does it look heathly and isn't supposed to be taller at this point?