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    Read this and save your lungs

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    I purchased one of these herb vaping devices at a cannabis trade show recently. I've been researching them online and was eager to see them up close. The one I bought is called Wulfvape-SX. Cost me $80.

    The deal with these is they do not burn or combust the flower as when using a conventional pipe, bong or smoking a rolled joint. It is this high heat combustion that releases most of the harmful carsinogens which you inevitably inhale along with the THC/CBD.

    The vape device uses way less heat to "cook" the flower inside a small ceramic "oven". You are inhaling a mild vapor rather than a harsh smoke. It is way more pleasant an experience, I found. And you still get the full affect of the plant. In fact, you may get even more benefit since you're not frying the delicate trichomes in the process.

    You control the heat using + - buttons on the side using a digital readout. It heats up in mere seconds and even shuts off if you have not used it after a few minutes. The lower heat is key to releasing the good and not the bad.


    This picture shows the end results of using a pipe vs using the vape device. There is still a bit of unburned "green" flower present in the pipe residue. With a pipe, you burn from the top down so the bottom-most flower takes a while to get used up. You can see the pipe residue is nothing more than blackened ash. The rest is in your lungs!

    With the vape device the end result is brown baked flower that looks and feels much like it was before you put it in. Clearly, the browned vape residue is preferable to the blackened ash from the pipe.

    I urge you to take a good look at these vape devices. Save your lungs. Protect your health.

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