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    TMV?....NOT sure what this is?

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    Okay started this "Super Lemon Haze" femminized.... (does this mean Auto-flower as well?).obtained on Darknet for a couple stamps worth of unknown genetics.
    And germed on a paper towel. Then potted in 2/3 HappyFrog potting mix and1/3 Coco coir...all WAS well then started wilting ..didnt really have a watering plan noobie ...she started wilting I thought I over watered now maybe 4 inches so repot into larger cont. And mix 60/40 fox farm happy frog and 40 vermicelli.
    Noticing strange yellowing and twisting so I have repotted 3 times 30/30/30 happy frog. /Vermic/perlite ph has never been over 7.2 or under 6.0 have only been checking soil not water or runoff.gave a little
    MG 24.18.16..I mean a little early on maybe 3 weeks...gave a little fast lime on / soil?? A little..2 days ago thought it might greenerize it ...nope it has a decent smell a*little green but she is young.
    Using a 400W MH..18/6 good circulation no pests detected under mag 10X. So*any ideas

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    Feminized seeds are 99% guaranteed to be females.

    But they always seem to lose some of their natural vigor.
    Plus, your opportunity of having the normal female plant produce an odd male flower, dropping enough pollen to produce some pure natural female seeds. Which have all natures ability to bestow all of the best traits from within itself. ;-)

    I would much prefer taking my chances of buying regular seeds, & getting a male flowering plant which is easy to distinguish and extinguish, early on. Ha

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    Hey Rexmundi...
    Without a Picture i cant say much... just that i would never plant or trust a unsealed package of Seed... all Companies have sealed one just puts it in some Ziplock Bag or so..
    It can happen that a single Plant develops some single male Flowers,which then cause a Branch or so to be seeded with bad hermaphrodite DNA Seeds.... People could sell you such stuff or just pick some Hemp from Birdfood....
    When you want Seeds the next Time..write me a PM im sure we can arrange something... but you would need to order the same Strains then i do,so we get bulk account and some free stuff...i then keep the free stuff as reward for me and ship you your Seeds,if you want i hide them into something...lets say a old broken Gamepad or DVD Drive or something i have laying around here
    Im in central Europe btw.....i can ship to 159 countries for 15 Bucks via DHL

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    if you limed the soil surface with fast acting liming agent while it had a plant alive in it then I imagine that is the problem

    fox farm soils are notorious for any number of potential issues, just google it you will rapidly see what I mean

    it's a thing of soil creation taking time, and when demand outstrips supply certain companies will shortcut on the soil creation to get more dollar creation. This leaves soils with an array of shit to worry about ranging from foreign objects/trash/lumps of undecomposed wood or clay and organic matter, to very high salt or EC content, pH issues, pests or any other shenanigans you can dream up basically. It is an industry like any other commercial industry, don't let the pretty cartoons and the talk of family business on the packet fool ya. And this sort of practice is certainly not limited to fox farms by the way

    coco is another one that is terrible when sourced badly, heck, even the good stuff can be salty as all hell; rinse it like crazy, regardless what it says on the tin about low salt content

    but all that said I reckon it is simply all the change you are throwing at it, three successive repots etc, different pH at each change. You have gone from a soil to almost a hydroponic medium with a little earth thrown in at the end there, I dunno how it could possibly have worked out well, no offence dude just calling it how I see it

    maybe just buy a decent bag of soil and plant into that without doing anything to it? call me crazy, I think even unmolested fox farms wouldn't have caused you this much bother dude, many people really like it but I seen many a horror story too

    should cost no less than about 20 bucks for 50L of soil if it is really decent, that is not to say that every expensive brand is great, just that no cheap one is, generally speaking anyway

    good luck

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