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Thread: Bag Seed

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    Bag Seed

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    Is there an way to determine if the bag seedling I have just starting to flower is an automatic? I would assume not, but thought I'd run it past the group.

    This bag seed almost didn't make it... I trimmed off the larger lower leaves to give the shorter lowers a chance to fill out. Any recommendations for this little lady.



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    The way it's bushing makes me wonder like you if its and auto. Jorge has some company he favors for checking what breed a plant is. Names something like psycho science hehehe. Just looked them up and yah psycho $300 for the test.

    Anyway whats the light cycle you have it on because maybe that's got it bushing up for flower young. Time will tell.

    Phylos Bioscience
    You stick a bunch of females together and don't want any problems? Good luck. They are going to mess you up.

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    Hey Tropical,

    Been on 18/6 since day 1, currently day 52 from the day she popped... Very Curious indeed... I transplanted it about 2 weeks ago, so that prolly hurt it too... The next few weeks will be interesting.

    Thanks brother...

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