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    Successful growing of indoor plants outdoors.

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    G'day. I have heaps of indoor bred seeds atleast 4 or 5 generations indoor. How do you successfully grow them outdoors from seed to harvest? Area i live is to hot for indoor growing but indoor bred seeds seem to really struggle to establish and grow strongly. Any tips to improve this is greatly appreciated.

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    G'day to you Sols 1,

    Most indoor growers have the problem with heat when trying to grow indoor during the hot summer months. So what they do is grow inside during the cooler winter months. Is this an option for you?

    Today with the many advances in growing techniques "Light deprovision" allows you to grow semi-outdoor in a much shorter time by manipulation of the photo period. In Oregon where I'm growers are pulling off 4+ crops in greenhouses fitted with tarps that block the sunlight once the desired plant height is reached. These tarps will regulate the available sunlight to 12 light 12 dark. This tricks the plants into thinking it's flower time when the sun is really not on that schedule at all.

    The system adds light when the days are less than 12 hours.

    Doing something like this with the indoor seeds would let you start early in the year before the heat and finish them off by changing the photo period before the heat hits in the summer.

    Not sure how hot you are talking about during your summer but there are ways of cooling your plants during the summer heat. Shade cloth is one way and it comes in varied weaves to adjust the light they allow in.

    So really going to need more information on what the temps are where you are and what you have to work with to get the job done.

    Keep them green

    PS I know you were expecting Jorge but he is one very busy guy and doesn't get here everyday to answer questions. So hope I was some help to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sols1 View Post
    G'day. I have heaps of indoor bred seeds atleast 4 or 5 generations indoor. How do you successfully grow them outdoors from seed to harvest? Area i live is to hot for indoor growing but indoor bred seeds seem to really struggle to establish and grow strongly. Any tips to improve this is greatly appreciated.
    Yah, what he said
    Plants do adapt. Not sure of techniques you could apply with available stuff. Not even sure if my ideas would work. If able to go with a drip system in coco or such so the plants could always get water if needed maybe survival is better. I'm thinking 100% coco or perlite such stuff lets O2 and water always be available to the roots but it gets you stuck going hydroponic, There are some good granulated stuff cheap to mix your own nutrient solutions. Make sure you get a mix that has the basic elements too instead of just NPK related stuff. I'm also thinking the drip would always have evaporation going on cooling the roots area. Be nice to the galah's if any are around
    You stick a bunch of females together and don't want any problems? Good luck. They are going to mess you up.

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    you could try growing the F1 stock of the seed lines you made, ie. the first cross between the two parents way back when... once you got down the line a bit into F4 and F5 etc you might have lost some good hardiness characteristics as the plants adapted to the luxury indoor environment more and more. Was any of this breeding intentional, like were you selecting for traits and then trying to build the line or was this just open accidental pollination or what bro?

    I dunno if we are talking about wanting to grow trees or just like indoor sized plants outdoor, but maybe start them indoors on a 15 or 16 hour a day cycle, so when you put them out in spring, they adapt instantly, instead of going from 18 indoors to 15 hours outdoors and they try to flower, which they soon snap out of, but you lose some time while they figure out what the hell is going on. If they fill a 15L pot then they are definitely good to go out is my general thinking, if you go early and are blessed with local weather that allows that, by the end of the year you have trees if you did it right and have been able to manage the heat with some good mulching practices and some shadecloth. If you don't want trees you start them later, but then you have more of a risk of young plants and mid summer high heat

    And what sorta soil are you planting into outdoors? do you amend it with some stuff etc; it may be that it's miles away from ideal and that is why your young plants won't establish well. Or too hot temps too young is another culprit; shade cloth'll fix that right up as Muk said there. Mulch is basically a game changer for water retention, soil temps, microlife and general allround plant wellbeing in my limited outdoor experience, I use straw mixed with a bunch of other beneficial plants and it is great if you have a good one, you gotta source straw well if you don't want nasty herbicide residues etc though. Indoor fibre based soils and outdoor clay based soils are gonna need entirely different water management, something that was sorta lost on me until I caught myself drowning plants one day

    I'm just kinda throwing questions up out loud eh, cover all bases and all that, maybe we touch on something you haven't considered yet. But Muk is the outdoor guy and he will steer you in the right direction typically

    I'm not really an outdoor guy but my situation here is less than ideal and all plants worked alright; some indoor clones, some seeds but all got off to a decent start with minimal intervention from me... whether I can manage to finish them is entirely another matter probably; LOL taking ages and nights are getting real cold, probably gonna be a hashmaking project by the look of the flowers, lots of resin everywhere and not much flower mass is the general theme; the blessed central European weather to thank for that haha probably they get took early as they were very late for onset of flower

    good luck

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