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    Burnt Edges and Misshapen Leaves

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    Hello everyone! This is my first time growing indoors, and all of my plants seem healthy and happy except for one: a lot of its leaves have burnt, somewhat brittle edges, and a lot of the new, smaller growth is misshapen. They aren't coming in in the classic leaf shape and instead are more rounded, stunted, fused, and have fewer leaf points. I'm not sure if it is leaf burn or some sort of nutrient deficiency (like Calcium or Boron), and all of the pictures I found of light burn/deficiencies were so extreme that it is hard to tell what's going on with my Little Stinky. I posted some pictures below.
    (Note: the aluminum foil on the ground and walls are just temporary. I'm going to be painting the room white shortly.)
    Thanks for any help!
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    There are a few issues I would consider in your position. First what size pots are they and how long have they beem growing in them. Approx a gal. for every month of growth is a pretty good rule of thumb where plants shouldnt show signs of being root bound which could surface as just about anything to a sort of deficiency.
    Secondly being indoors what size light are you running, and whats the temp in the room? Could they be getting baked (no pun intended) from the heat?
    And thirdly, is this area enclosed? If so how is your air exchange situation? Lack of fresh air will do weird things to your plants like stunted growth.
    I ask these questions to bring aspects to your attention that I had to learn moving to an indoor grow. Heat started frying my plants. After I realized my first grow lacked fresh air resulting in shameful yields. If growing from seeds I see them show signs of root bound before clones in same size pots. Grow bags are a sound way to go when indoors as they allow the roots to air prune themselves and are relatively cheap.

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