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    Growing 4 first time (This is what ill buy?)

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    Hello everyone! This is my first post and first time here! After i have spent the last few days researching, i have a decent idea of how i want to grow! I would greatly appreciate anybody and everybody's helpful tips! Below i have listed what im going to order (i have not yet ordered anything at to this point, i want to get everything ordered in 1 go so im just making sure i have everything listed before i do!). Please let me know if im missing something or buying the wrong thing! Please also keep in mind im trying to spend as little money as i can for starting this up as i dont have much to work with but plan to upgrade later on down the line! I plan to grow 3 or 4 plants in this tent, likely 3. Also likely blue dream seeds feminized

    Here's the list so far!

    *4x4 grow tent (48x48x80) $110 on amazon
    * Viparspectra 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum $179.00 on amazon
    * 5 pack 1 gallon grow bags/Aeration fabric Pots w/Handles (black) $7.95 on amazon
    * 5 pack 3 gallon grow bags (same as above but $9.95)
    * 1.5 cu ft bag of Roots Organic (See Note 1 for ingredients) $16 from planetnatural
    * 2x Holmes Convertible desk & Clip Fan (6') (Would use this for air flow inside) $10.25/each
    * Woods 50008WD Indoor 7-Day Digital Outlet Timer, $7.74 on amazon (Would use this for my light)
    * General Hydroponics pH Control Kit $12.38 on amazon
    * Jellas Pocket Size PH Meter / PH Tester $14.99 on amazon
    * Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Soil Trio- Pints: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom (Pack of 3 - 16 oz. bottles) $30.12 on amazon

    Note 1: Ingredients: Coco fiber, peat moss, perlite, pumice, premium worm castings, bat guano, kelp, fish bone meal, soybean meal, feather meal, greensand, leonardite and alfalfa meal.

    Now i think i have everything aside from a humidifier or dehumidifier, im not sure what i need in that case D: I would like something that you can set for a certain level and it auto kick's on/off as necessary so i dont have to ever really mess with it. Any suggestions there? Also which one i would need, i live in California and its summer time, usually never get more than 80 degree's inside since AC is on but outside its 100+ Fahrenheit sometimes.

    Am i missing anything? If anybody could also please explain how the nutrients work, i would greatly appreciate it! As for the watering, im assuming i use distilled water and make sure pH reads 6.0 - 6.5 as acceptable?

    The Plan:
    I'll use party cups and prep the seeds before moving them into the party cups which will be half way filled with the soil i ordered. So 3 of them will go inside the tent to grow.

    I'll water them once every 3 days or if dry 1 inch down from top of soil. I'll use the nutrient water mix once every week for 1 of the waterings. After its atleast 3 inches tall, ill transplant to 1 gallon and water it with more nutrient water.

    I'll continue vegetation for another 2 weeks before yet again moving into the 3 gallon and letting it settle for a week. At the end of a week since moved to 3 gallon, if its plenty wide/tall enough ill begin flowering for 8 weeks and then to harvest (Assuming its ready to harvest after 8 weeks)

    The above is a complete guess and im very open to suggestions!
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    I see no lnline Fans and no Airducting...,no Carbon Filters?

    Well Smell is your choice,if you fight it or not....but Heat isnt your must keep the temperatures nice or the Plants will suck....

    Also think twice about buying shady super cheap LED Growlights...... they advertise it as 600 Watt ...and when you look the fine print you see its just 260....but they claim it equal to 600 Watt HPS...(which is very daring ,many high end companies dont make such claims...) and thats why they call it 600 Watt LED....... i would not buy that thing.......for that price they cant use osram or phillips diodes,its probably some chinese stuff....
    Also those Purple looking Growlights are 1. generation things....modern Growlights look rather "normal"...not of any special colour to our eyes..I guess its a chinese Copy of some old 1. generation Osram or Phillips Diode

    It would be better to buy a 360 cubic Meter Inline Fan with 5" Ducting,connect it to a cooled Hood like a "Spudnik",and then put a conventional 400 Watt HPS Light like a Osram Plantastar inside...thats the prooven method and it will give you Buds...
    I saw so many dodgy led growlights from ebay etc ...i realy would stick to the known prooven companies....
    I personaly use LED only for vegging anyways cause in Flower a strong high watt Plantastar is just better

    And in general,dont underestimate the Heat....all Lights are primary Heaters....HPS Lights for example turn 65% of the Watts you put in into Heat...only 35% into light easy have 100 Degree F/40 Celsius in your Tent....and then the Plants wont/cant make Resin....they wont make stoned..
    Also the Nodes will stretch from each other,and the Buds wont be dense....Heat is a realy big enemy for good quality Buds...getting rid of the Heat should be your primary concern when setting up a Tent or Locker

    EDit; Just checked the Medium you wanna grow in....and you dont mix neutral with not neutral cant put Coco Fiber and Worm Castings together,that will rot and go mold...and then you see white mold hairs growing out the General you may not use Soil Nutrients on Coco.....Coco is a waterbased System and needs Hydroponic Nutrients with increased Calcium Content...specialised Coco Nutrients.I realy wonder that they sell this pre mixed when Coco Fibres are the base/main ingredient....its realy bad to mix hydro and soil mediums clay pebbles or rockwool or coco should be mixed with Soil
    Waterbased Systems are not for Starters and require high end PH and EC Meters not some litmus paper
    You will do yourself a big Favor when you just buy a little bag of Starter Soil for Seeds and another Bag of Soil for the adult Plants of a high End Company,pre mixed with perlite...
    I dont know the American Europe i would tell you to buy Soil from the Brand Canna

    I dont know american Nutrients...cant tell you much about this Fox Farm Stuff....but i would recommend you buy Nutrients chelated with Iron,that keeps the Nutrients avaible in bigger PH-Windows then normaly,and together with the buffer ability of Soil should prevent any lack of a certain nutrient....and dont feed the Plants like the Bottle say it...feed it like the leafs look...when the leafs look dark green there is no need to give them more dont follow stubborn some routine which says "give nutrients every 2nd watering" or so...look the Leafs they tell you all you need to know about what the Plants needs or has to much off...
    There are countless Posters showing different Stages of Nutrient deficiancys...print one out and put it in your Tent...and then you check the Plants and then decide if you give nutrients or just clean Water....

    Also you dont give distilled Water....its to expensive and it lacks Calcium....,when you decide to use it anyway then you HAVE TO add Magnesium and Calcium (CalMag) until the probe reads an EC of 0,3-0,4
    It would be better for you at the start to use Tabwater which you PH adjust with Acid to around 6. Real Rainwater is 5,6-5,8 but to test that you need a high end Meter some "colour based" Meter cant tell you exactly,thats why you should stick with 6 when using them.

    You can use Nitric Acid for Veg,and Phosphouric Acid for Bloom....but when you use P-Acid for Bloom you cant use PK 13/14 cause they chemicaly react ...when you use PK 13/14 (or any other Stuff which says "use it in week 3-4 flowering to boost Buds) then you should use Nitric Acid only.

    And i hope youre not on some Terrorist Watchlist otherwise its problematic to order Nitric Acid...its the main Chemical for all "Nitro-Explosives" and a chemical which can raise eyebrows
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    @jazzman170 I grow in a 3'x5'x7.5' box. I use the viparspectra 300watt leds, the vipar lean to the blue side so I ended up adding roleadro 2nd gen 300watt leds also to balance the color out for flower on 2nd grow with 600watts on each plant, but only 2 at a time in there. 1st grow was small buds but so far this one is lookin great, also the are out growing the box. Also I graduate up to 7gal bags, I use the ff nutrients that you mentioned and have good luck with them, just as weedburner said don't follow label, but follow your plant, get an ec/ppm meter for better control of the nutrients. start with zero till they at least get full leaves then start weak on nuts maybe 1/4 dose then gradually build up to say 600 ppm. lights will need to be up 20 inches from top, but, as they grow and especially for flower you will need to move closer but be careful, if you get to close then you will burn them. The vipar are great for veg, but not enough red for flower. overall your list looks pretty good. btw, most won't remember these but I used to use 800watts of floro vho, which used to be the shit before hid lighting, and got 3-4ozs. per plant. time will tell this grow but its looking like it will be more than before, without the heat issues. So get growing and let us know how it turns out, and if you have questions feel free to ask. No such thing as a stupid question.

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