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Thread: Newbie grower

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    Newbie grower

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    I expect to relocate to Colorado soon and will attempt to grow for my medicinal needs. I know there are tons of variables such a lighting etc... to include the various strains. That being said, generically, worst and best case scenarios, what kind of yield of ounces should I get per single plant. This will be only doing 3 to 6 plants and hopefully I will refine my techniques and get better than the initial results. Thanks

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    ...i get approximately 2 zipz per plant around a single 600watt HPS, barebulb vertical style inside a 4x4 Secret Jardin DR120 tent with 8 plants each potted up in 2 gallon coco hempy buckets and fed KISS style with Jack's Pro Hydro.




    ...and here is a link that explains the Lucas Formula which is basically what KISS style is.

    peace, SOG

    PS: welcome to the site and the hobby.

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    you need to be thinking in terms of grow area and lighting available in that space rather than in plant count

    the reason for that is with you playing god with the light regime, you can grow a single plant to fill a whole 1.2 x 1.2 tent like someoldguys, or you could do 8 mid sized like he has, or you could cram 16 little two foot tall bud lollipops in there; all in the same space with the same wattage...

    all methods will produce variable outcomes in per plant yield obviously

    but yeah 600w in a 1.2 x1.2m tent is a good place to start and won't cost an arm and a leg and there is a lot of experience with that setup around this and other forums that you can draw advice from if shit goes a little awry at some point, ya know with you just starting out it's maybe gonna be a bit of a learning curve at first. So to try and answer your question in some meaningful way, in whatever setup that is lit correctly, a good assumption if you grow out the plants (however many you end up doing) to properly fill the space is maybe 0.6 grams per watt of lighting. You are just beginning.

    1 gram per watt is generally the upper end of the standard for HPS, and a number you will see thrown around a lot in forums. If you hit those kinda numbers first time out you are really doing something that is above and beyond. Manage your expectations is what I am saying basically and you won't be disappointed. Set reasonable goals so you hit them fairly easily and then you gain confidence with your own ability quickly

    good luck

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