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    yeah I have been toying with the idea of a pen for a while, I'll get there eventually. There is something magical about an eight inch doobie though eh

    Yeah that oil was iso, from smashed up Bubblegum nugs. Process was completely different to that film. Without getting into a terribly lengthy discussion I'll attempt to give you a blow by blow account

    Basically you wanna dry your material for several weeks in the driest spot in your house. Then take it put it in the deep freeze along with your glassware, filters and alcohol and anything else you might use in the process for about two days.

    It's a maximum one minute extraction at about -25°C or so, you can also go even less and see how that goes for you. Mild agitation by swirling the glass, no stirring using anything that is going to crumble your crazily dry material. I do mine in a french coffee press, so when the minute is up, you just throw the metal filter sieve bit in, press down very gently and pour to separate the materials. The extracted alcohol/oil solution is returned to the freezer for a day, then filtered through coffee filter, at which point you realize how many useless lipids have also come with your good oil; this part works much better with ethanol than iso, it's to do with winterizing temps etc. and some chemistry of alcohols

    Evap alcohol at room temperature without blowing air and resulting dust all through it. Purge resulting oil at about 125-135°F which is on the high side for an oil and you may lose some terps, but at normal atmospheric pressure without a vacuum chamber you need the heat to lower the viscosity of the oil enough that a decent purge is possible and you don't have a soup of bad stuff instead of nice oil. Basically I rather risk losing some terps than risk smoking residual solvent. Or you could just be smarter than me and get a vac chamber, especially if you wanna do this in the long run it'd be foolish not to have one. I rarely make it so it's not a purchase I will be making anytime soon. Washing machines for hashmaking though LOL count me in hahaha best few bucks I ever spent

    Keep your emphasis on quick washes, good input material and seriously cold stuff and you will be set up for the win. And yeah don't use iso, it's not good for your health apparently and I have a bottle of ethanol in the freezer that will be getting tried out soon on some SLH trim as a replacement for iso. I am pretty confident I can get a nice golden extraction, it's more whether or not the resulting outcome will be stable or very liquid, an issue with ethanol from what I read. I think with winterization much of the gunk that prevents it becoming shatter or taffy is removed, and much of it is never extracted in the first place if you keep the extraction process really cold to begin with probably

    Don't be trying to get it all in one run and then end up spoiling it with green pigment. Do multiple shorter runs and maybe you waste a little bit more alcohol than otherwise to have a junk third or fourth extract, but the first two will be really good and clear amber and you can eat the rest of the muddy dark looking shite third and fourth instead of vaping it. Some material will warrant that many; with some bud that isn't spectacular you will know by the second wash that that is the last one and not to bother with further runs LOL

    Hope that helps you visualize the process a little better dude, but remember that is all iso and ethanol will have it's own quirks which I can't much advise you about because I am just making the switch myself. I'll let you know how it goes when I get to doing it this or next week. You can go longer than a minute with ethanol though, that much I have figured out

    good luck

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    @Persistent Offender, thanks for this detailed reply.

    By all means, make the switch to grain alcohol and keep yourself safe. Yes, it costs more but well worth it in the end with not having to worry about residual solvents.

    Funny you mention vacuum chamber because I have one sitting in my garage along with the high vac pump. Still, though, I'm months away from having product to work with. For now I have to pay $70 for .5ml of vape oil.

    As to the vape pen, it is a good move to make. Again, it comes down to living safely. Smoking anything gets you way more bad stuff in your lungs than good. It also makes using the medicine easier. I can take a couple of puffs late at night before bed just by pushing a button. No lighter or torch in bed. No hot pipe to drop on my mattress if I happen to fall asleep.

    Here is a link to an article (sponsored by one if the prominent vape labs) that provides some good information.

    These are very similar to the one I got from the dispensary although mine is not variable voltage. They are made for the thicker oil, however.
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