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    Does lecithin help pass a drug test for THC?
    Lecithin helps the liver and gall function by aiding fat metabolization in the liver. It also acts as a fat emulsifier in the bloodstream so it may aid in getting the THC metabolites secreted from lipid (fat) tissue into the blood to the liver and prevent it from "sticking" to other fat cells. It's also reported to lower blood cholesterol levels. Once in the liver the metabolites ultimately end up in bile stored in the gall bladder, which is used by the body for the digestion of fats. This is how the majority of THC metabolites are removed from the body. A high fiber diet aids in this process by preventing the bile from being reabsorbed into the bloodstream. So, in my opinion, lecithin will help shorten detection times when used in conjunction with a regular, vigorous exercise routine and a high fiber diet.

    There are many informative websites that explain this stuff very clearly.

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