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    Yep pretty close to my

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    @AFTON I've been going through your entire grow posts and reading all the entries. WOW!! Very impressive. You do a great job posting all the information, even the problems you are having. I love watching what you're doing. Keep up the awesome job of love. R U gonna do an inside grow?

    The BratGirl
    [QUOTE] Work will work, when wishing won't. My own quote.

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    @Mr. Greenbud Thanks for stopping by bud!
    Ya I think that pretty much takes of everything you need to use.

    @bratgirl Well that must have taken you awhile.
    Glad you got to read it all it has been a long journal so far and still got another few months to go.
    I like to put it all down so I can go back and others can use for their info.
    Come back anytime, I post a weekly update usually on Saturday.

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    It's Saturday and time for the weekly update.
    It is still getting hot here and back into the 100's.
    Girls don't seem to mind it though.
    Just started giving my girls a 5 gallon bucket of nutrients.
    Used to give them a 2 gallon, but looked liked they needed more.
    So we will see how they react to the new amount.

    First up are the "The little and Baby Durban Poison"
    Looked at them with the loop and they are half and half clear and Cloudy.
    Maybe a few more weeks until they are done.

    Next up is the Gorilla Glue:
    Man she is really tricing up and is getting very sticky.
    Can't even tough her without gloves anymore.
    Don't know what is going on with my camera but the pics are coming out very well.

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    Now the CLONES!
    Lemon Tree:
    She is still growing slowly and just started flowering this week.

    Blue Frost:
    She is still growing to and starting to tric up pretty good now.
    I think she is in her second week of flower.

    Last is the Blueberry Cookies:
    She is still growing also and the trics on her are getting to get crazy!
    If I remember right she is in her third week of flower.

    "That's All Folks" for this weeks update.
    Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by to peek at the girls!
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