you can put it in anything fatty basically. Oils, cream, milk etc; more fat the better

some fats have advantages, like coconut. Helps the actives cross the blood/brain barrier easier

main problem with cooking directly with herbal material is the residual green taste that IMHO spoils most otherwise fairly spectacular dishes

if you want to not taste it, best way I have found is to make RSO/iso/BHO etc first, decarb it, then infuse that into a little coconut oil and cook with that. Any kind of creamy or oil based sauce lends itself well to this, simple tomato pasta sauces and such that are hefty in olive oil, stuff like that. But you can put it into a million things once it is done this way. Most serious saucy dishes use some fair amount of oil...

You can use olive oil as the carrier instead of coconut and you have the possibility of cold things too such as salad dressing that fucks you up real good and can't by differentiated taste-wise from the one that has nothing active in it

I think you are only limited by the taste of it, if you can overcome that part of it, there are very few dishes you can't put it into somehow

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