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@rhino700, I'd like to personally thank you for entering. We've never met before this contest but when you dropped that pic of Buckeye Purps, my jaw dropped.
It took me three weeks of hunting but I tracked that cut down and ordered it for myself.
I came in 3rd on this one, and I thank anybody who voted for my shot, but really I feel like I've won. I have a new line of genetics to add into my library because of this contest. That to me is what these contests are all about. There's something to be learned and gained by all in these things.
Thanks Lefty,hopefully what I have growing now is as frosty, it't not BP so I don't think it will be purple. The BP is a beautifull plant to grow, it is a nighttime smoke for me, not over powering but a good stone seems to be getting better with a good cure, I do smoke a lot of weed though, taste is hard to describe , kind of a musky flavor. It needs a long veg, start out weaker on the nutes and go from there, flowered mine for 9 weeks I think. Good luck Lefty.