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    Growth Retardants = BAD!

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    Question from Minipops:

    I have one other quick question. What is your opinion on growth inhibitor? Potions that halt the vertical growth, such as bushmaster, Mr. No, flower dragon etc. I have seen debate on the Internet on the use of these products and the possibility of the products not being intended for use on consumable vegetation. That they are potentially harmful to your health. What knowledge can you lay on me about it?

    Your second question deserves another thread! This is an important point, especially for medical consumption.

    This is an excerpt from the New Up`dated Marijuana Horticulture book.

    Growth Retardants

    CAUTION! Do not use growth regulators on cannabis, period! NO GROWTH REGULATOR IS LABELED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. All growth retardants leave residues in the plant, some like paclobutrazole (AKA Bonzi and Bushmaster, among others) remain in the plant for years and will show up in the buds and other foliage. In the USA and Canada, none of these products are allowed on the shelf or for use without a license to sell and apply. One company, Dutch Master, almost went out of business because their formula contained growth regulators. Growth regulators CAUSE CANCER, immune system problems and have very low mammalian toxicity values and even lower primate values. It makes zero sense to use this product in commercial grows and even less in medical ones. Ethylene the gas (Ethephon the liquid that converts to ethylene on heating) is about the safest alternative.

    Ill-informed cannabis growers apply growth retardants to inhibit vertical growth and increase inter-nodal branching. Leaves are supposed to remain the same size but internode length is retarded. Deadly toxic growth retardants are often called "chemical pinchers."

    Outside of the use of PGR’s for root induction in cuttings, and maybe working with seed production, I would not knowingly consume any plant or plant part that PGR’s have been used on. There is a level of risk here that is unacceptable in any case, more especially for medical. This seems to go totally against the grain since the primary reason for having medical cannabis is the availability and quality, and the quality with PGR treated plants will never be there. Even then, the use of some PGR’s will show up in the seeds.

    Please feel free to research this subject and post your findings here.

    Please REVIEW The Cannabis Encyclopedia on amazon. Thanks!

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    I have googled and read a lot of negative things about the use of PGR products. Then i did some you tubing and i find videos that show its use in commercial avacado growing, so i dunno what to think.

    Oh, and also, i live in Canada, and i had my choice of 3 different inhibitors that were sold over the counter. Flower Dragon, Mr. No, and a powder product called "The hammer". Even General Hydrophonic's manufactures and sells one which is readily available for sale on called "Bush Load".
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    GMO's and PGR's are used in a lot of fields. But to your south we have the FDA. And thay won't pass the PGR. But its still sold in stores. I like my garden but can't make enough to feed my family for a year off it. So I'm picky on what I buy.
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    Canada also has a FDA. They say it causes this and it causes that. I've yet to see any studies or literature to back up those claims.

    My experience is this,

    I have limited height space available 3' max. I was 2" from the top. I applied the recommended dosage of flower dragon for 1 week. My plants vertical growth halted immediately and within 2 days it went from no signs of flowering to clusters of developing flowers.

    From Wikipedia:
    Paclobutrazol (PBZ) is a plant growth retardant and triazole fungicide. It is a known antagonist of the plant hormone gibberellin. It acts by inhibiting gibberellin biosynthesis, reducing internodial growth to give stouter stems, increasing root growth, causing early fruitset and increasing seedset in plants such as tomato[1] and pepper.[2] PBZ has also been shown to reduce frost sensitivity in plants.
    PBZ is used by arborists to reduce shoot growth and has been shown to have additional positive effects on trees and shrubs. Among those are improved resistance to drought stress, darker green leaves, higher resistance against fungi and bacteria, and enhanced development of roots.[3][4][5][6] Cambial growth, as well as shoot growth, has been shown to be reduced in some tree species
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    good luck in your experiment, worst case scenario you just have to throw away some pot.

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