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Jorge Cervantes

Foto List for New Marijuana Horticulture

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Here is a list of all the fotos I am looking for to update Marijuana Horticulture. I saved many interesting fotos for you to take and subnit. We still need many LED light and hydroponic fotos.

The list (259 fotos) is not written in stone. If you have something interesting to share, please send it in. Remember, all "final" fotos must be high resolution. You will need to retain a high resolution copy of the foto to send to me if selected.

Everybody that has fotos published will receive an autographed copy of the new book and their name will be included in the foto credits. This is an easy way to earn a brand new edition Marijuana Horticulture book hot off the press, and it will have your foto in it!

The book will not be "in print" until September 2013. Yes, it is a very big job to make a book!

New Hort Forum Foto Request

Foto of beautiful indoor garden
Foto of beautiful piece of hashish

Fotos of varieties needed include:
1. Haze – Sensi
2. Super Silver Haze
3. Skunk #1 – Sensi
4. Northern Lights #5 – Sensi
5. AK-47 – Serious
6. G13 – Sensi
7. Blueberry – DJ Short
8. Bubblegum – THSeeds
9. S.A.G.E. – THSeeds
10. White Family – Mr. Nice
11. Hash Plant – ????
12. Jack Herer – Sensi
13. Kali Mist – Serious
14. Big Bud
15. Acapulco Gold
16. Maui Wowie
17. Lamb’s Bread
18. California Orange
19. Orange Bud
20. Ruderalis
21. Romulan
22. Grapefruit
23. Matanuska Thunderfuck
24. Durbin Poison
25. Yumboldt
26. Silver Pearl
27. Diesel family
28. Biddy Early
29. Sensi Star
30. Ice
31. Power Plant
Cannatonic - CBD
CBD-dominant Variety
CBD-dominant Variety
CBD-dominant Variety
CBD-dominant Variety
FOTO Ruderalis

Foto of darkening a greenhouse
Foto of bent main stem and tall side branches
Fotos of grafted plants
Foto of mutilated plant
Foto of wilting plant with water stress
Foto of beautiful flowering plant
Foto of indica/sativa cross
Foto of auto-flowering plants
Fotos of male pre-flowers
Foto sinsemilla indica flowering
Foto sinsemilla sativa flowering
Foto cannabis ruderalis flowering
Fotos of rejuvenated plants

Foto of 90 percent stigmas brown and 10 percent white
Foto of light “dep” greenhouse
Foto of indica variety
Foto of sativa variety
Foto of ruderalis
Foto drying on a folding clothes line
Foto seal a meal
Foto Mylar

Foto of lean-to greenhouse
Foto of prefabricated greenhouse
Foto benches in greenhouse
Foto of glass greenhouse
Foto of Lexan™
Foto of corrugated fiberglass panels
Foto of misting in a greenhouse
Foto of soil heating cables
Foto of forever flowering greenhouse
Foto of the other greenhouse from CA – the German
Foto Light deprevation greenhouse
Foto of large garden

Foto of garbage, pots around an unkept yard
Foto of soundboard
Foto of a carbon filter
Foto of smart meter
Foto of camouflage pots
Foto of Thermal Imaging camera
Foto taken from thermo imaging camera
Foto of mini helicopter

Foto thermostat
Foto steam radiator
Foto infrared heater
Foto of condensation on plants
Foto of sealed garden room
Foto humidistat
Foto of ventilation in greenhouse – wall with huge evaporative fan
Foto squirrel cage blower
Foto of Sealed Room
Foto sativa plant
Foto indica plant
Foto ruderalis plant
Foto Cannabis outdoors – Short-day plants
Foto Cannabis outdoors – Long day plants
Foto Cannabis outdoors – Daylight neutral plants
Foto of indoor garden room
Foto of sodium lamps over room
Foto of halide lamps over room
Foto of HASMAT sign
Foto of conversion bulbs
Foto of indoor garden
FOTO NEED Induction Lighting
FOTO NEED Induction Lamp High Bay
FOTO NEED Sulfur Plasma
FOTO NEED Plasma Lamp
Foto close up of how bulbs are attached to fixtures
Foto of several LED fixtures inside that show circuitry
Foto of 1-watt, 2-watt and 3-watt bulbs
Foto of burned out LED bulb
Fotos of different fixtures that cost different amounts
Foto of LED bulbs next to one another showing brilliance
Foto of different spectrums produced by LEDS
Foto of individual LEDs
Foto of LEDs inside an incandescent-like bulb
Foto of LED tubes
Foto of LED fixtures
Foto of small plants growing alongside wall on short shelf
Fotos from different garden rooms of lamp spacing
Fotos 2-3 of plant spacing in garden rooms
Fotos of light movers in room
Foto close up of light mover
Foto of timer for 4 lights
Foto of electric generator

Foto of measuring pH
Foto checking pH with electronic meter
Foto of agricultural lime
Foto of hydrated lime
Foto of healthy plants
Foto of sickly garden
Foto of bad soil in container

Foto of shower head caked with salt residue
Foto plant with too high pH that is yellow and stunted
Foto of healthy plants with proper pH
Foto of pH Up
Foto of pH Down
Foto of weighing several plants to show water concentration.
Foto of cultivating soil surface
Foto of overwatered plant

Foto of toxic buildup of fertilizer salts.
Foto of a pair of plants. one strong one weak
Foto heat stress
Foto dirty garden room
Foto seabird guano

Foto of a wick garden
Foto greenhouse hydroponic garden
Foto of a sick hydroponic garden
Foto of pump, timer, heater, etc show all in one foto
Foto of Advanced Hydroponics nutrients
Foto of one part formula
Foto of three part formulas
Foto of four part formulas
Foto taking pH test
Foto taking pH test in growing medium
Foto taking pH test in runoff
Foto measuring nutrient solution EC
Foto measuring nutrient solution pH
Foto constant readout EC meter
Foto constant readout pH meter
Foto of DO meter test
Foto of bubbles in water
Foto of measuring out nutrients
Foto of measuring containers
Foto of pouring into nutrient tank
Foto of two reservoirs with A and B solutions
Foto of substrate in a bathtub
Foto of harvested crop
Foto of removing roots
Foto of small plants in small containers next to large plants in containers
Foto of watering a plant by hand
Foto of cultivating soilless medium surface
Foto of vertical garden
Foto of weighting plants to see how much water is in substrate.
Foto of water supply
Foto of slabs wrapped in plastic in a hydroponic garden
Foto of a garden of containers set up with a spaghetti tubing irrigation system
Foto of drip emitters
Foto of compression fittings
Foto of drip system set up
Foto of drip system irrigating
Foto of drip system gardens
Foto of filter in drip system
Foto of emitter anchored in medium
Foto of drip system timer
Foto of DWC hydroponic garden
Foto of coco hydroponic garden
Foto of aeroponic system
Foto of heavy duty pump for high pressure system
Foto of lightweight pump for low pressure system
Foto of DWC hydroponic garden
Foto of coco hydroponic garden
Foto of DWC garden
Foto of plants hanging down into solution
Foto of adding water to a system to top off
Foto of DFT garden
Fotos of NFT garden
Foto of a filter in a NFT system
Foto of cleaning the system
Foto hydro-organic garden
Foto hydro-organic nutrients
Foto hydro-organic trace elements
Foto adjustable table leg
Foto DFT system on a wall
Foto of vertical garden shelves indoors or outdoors
Foto top feed buckets
Foto DFT system on a wall
Foto of vertical garden shelves indoors or outdoors
Foto of many plants set up on an irrigation table
Foto of watering outdoor garden with bucket of water
Fotos of flood system

Foto rabbit
Foto Dirty room
Foto male plant
Foto of Avid
Foto of Shuttle
Foto of Bt
Foto of one of Beauveria Bassiana
Foto of co2 burner
Foto of nicotine pesticide
Foto of horticultural oil
Foto of Physan20R
Foto of pesticide with all quassia, rotenone, ryana sabadilla
Foto of RootGuard or something similar
Foto of trichoderma
Fotos of different surficants and spreader-stickers

Foto of female plant
Foto of different plants in a room that grow differently
Foto of a well-known plant variety
Foto of a field of cultivated plants
Foto of an open pollinated variety
Foto of a field of cannabis growing outdoors
Foto of tray of clones
Foto of Arjan and Franco in “Strain Hunters” episode
Foto of breeder in a field making selections
Foto of garden full of beautiful plants
Foto of garden full of a few plants
Foto of plants growing in a greenhouse

Fotos of plants that make good hash
Foto of a nice piece of hash
Foto of sieved hash
Foto of water hash
Foto of bubble bags
Foto of dry ice hash
Foto of different pressed hashes
Foto of pressing hash with a bottle
Foto of pressing hash in a laminator for drivers licenses
Foto of a hydraulic press
Foto of a small hand press
Foto of hammering hash
Foto of honey oil
Foto of dark green cannabis oil
Foto of butane hash oil

Foto big edible seeds from China
Foto cannabis hemp seeds being ground
Foto cannabis hemp seeds
Foto storing cannabis
Foto brownies
Foto Cookies
Foto lollipops
Foto cannabis tea
Foto Bhang cannabis drink
Foto cannabis beer
Foto cannabis wine
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  1. Redbud's Avatar
    I don't have any photo's as yet i will look for some
  2. Some1LikeYou420's Avatar
    Where do we submit our photos for consideration?
  3. justmegrowing's Avatar
    I have some fotos of my large indoor garden with side stems 6' tall. Have pictures in my grow journal. Grow# 2
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